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Medical Claim Policies Which Protects Millions Of Families

Star Health & Allied Insurance Co.Ltd.

Accidents, injuries and hospital treatments can happen at any point of time since these incidents are unpredictable and beyond one’s own control. When such emergency situations happens patients have to shell out thousands of rupees for getting admissions in hospitals, surgical treatments and other overheads which will make them insolvent quickly.

Star Health Insurance Company which is India’s first stand alone private health insurance company offers comprehensive mediclaim insurance for both individuals and groups. This reputed health insurance organization which was started in the year 2006 is one of the most trusted private insurance firms in India.

Headquartered in Chennai this gigantic standalone insurance company has successfully sold millions of mediclaim policies for both individuals and groups and stands tall in insurance market. It is interesting to note that this firm has seen millions of satisfied customers and growing leaps and bounds. Star health claims’ department has settled thousands of claims in the recent past and manages its department professionally. Start-up firms, private companies, business establishments which are in urgent need of health insurance policies for their employees can contact nearest branch and get instant quote from underwriting department. This top notch insurance which has won several awards and accolades from the society excels both in underwriting and claims settlement. Some of the benefits an insured will enjoy when they take policies from this established firm are on-the-spot estimate and policy issuance and quick claim disposal during hospital admission.

Get instant quote from the company officials

It is imperative to note that this health insurance firm offers health insurance, travel and accident care plan which provides comprehensive insurance coverage for insured and his employees. Companies which are managing large workforce can take policies for their employees at cheapest prices. This is the only organization in India which provides cheapest quote for all types of insurance policies and visitors will be surprised with their plans and tariff when they explore Star health official website and other blogs.

Highly qualified and experienced underwriting executives will process the proposal forms that are submitted by the insured and firms and dispatch the policy at the earliest after getting approval from concerned department heads. Firms which are monitoring the performance of 500 or 1000 employees can take insurance policies for them through this established stand alone health insurance company. CMD of this insurance organization has worked in top positions in public sector general insurance firms before starting this health insurance firm and has around five decades of experience in insurance firms.

Customers who are new to this site should decide to explore the blogs, testimonials and other archives before taking the next course of action. Explore the site and take a sneak peek of all the policies which are issued by this fastest growing insurance firm which offers customer centric operations. Visitors who have doubts about the products and services of this firm can get instant support from chat support executives who will offer quick assistance to online and offline customers. Do not delay and decide to take one or several policies from this established firm.

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